Welcome to Sodepur High School (H.S.)...
An edifice infused with variegated nostalgia and myth, from time immemorial a dreamlike inspiration - whatever such familiar terms may we associate with the name of a dear place, our Almamater, Sodepur High School. It was a promising wintry dawn of January, the 4th in1853, when the dream at last found its form as an institution on the east of Sodepur Railway station. Perhaps it was the stimulus of Renaissances and Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar's fervent geal to make the light of education shine upon this lonely suburb that led to the foundation of Sodepur High School by Late Iswar Chandra Chattopadhyaya, supported by Late Kedarnath Bandyopadhyay. As per the sources say Chandranath Bandhoyapadyay was the first headmaster The insubstantial pageant fades, leaves not a rack behind yet this institution, our pride, our joy, our sweetest songs of saddest thought, lives in her own paramount grandeur and unsuppressed glory in the hall of fame.


The objective of the school is to provide education that will help develop children into well balanced personalities, with sound values of love, kindness, devotion and service to the nation.


Academic proficiency has been the hallmark of this school. The School maintains a suitable teacher students ratio, allowing a good measure of individual attention to each student. The school consists of state of art Library and Laboratories equipped with modern equipments, which helps in academic capabilities of the students. Promotion to the next class is purely of the basis of merit as judged by the performance of the student in the examination conducted through out the academic session.

School Campus

Impressive academic block of the school building standing tall beside the Sodepur Bridge. The campus consists of laboratory blocks, academic blocks, administrative blocks, Computer Labs., spacious and well-equipped library. The foundation stone of the school was laid by Late Iswar Chandra Chattopadhyaya, supported by Late Kedarnath Bandyopadhyay in 4th January,1853 as per sources